Selected poems available online


The Case of the Double Jinx (reprinted in The Best of the Net, edited by Mary Biddinger)


The Adroit Journal

Fall Formal and Cemetery Story


Boxcar Poetry Review

Fervent Missive


The Collagist

Lucy in Chrysalis


Connotation Press

Girl Chooses Flight

Signs Resembling Sacraments

The Venus Flytrap Diet






The Good News

A Conventional Romance


The Iowa Review

Snow White Takes South Beach






The Sibyls Swear Away Their Prophecy

The Thibodeaux Girl Speaks, After

St. James at the Ascension Parish Drive-In

The Sibyls Choose Her


Tupelo Quarterly

A Theory of Disaster

Bad Magic

Friendly Letter

Ex Machina

Why the McKean County Lifeguards Left Town


Ink Node

Still Life with Mannequin and Leg of Lamb (originally published in Barn Owl Review)

Birds Keep Nothing in Their Bones (originally published in The Journal)

Family Portrait with Rosary and Steak Knife (originally published in The Journal)

All Good Girls Deserve (originally published in The Journal)

Holy Week, Acadiana (originally published in Crab Orchard Review)