Pocket Universe - Cover

poems from Pocket Universe (LSU Press, 2022), which is about primates and space and postpartum anxiety, have been published in the following places online:

A Universe Composed of Solely Light at SWIMM Every Day

Goodnight Mother, Goodnight Moon and The Good Enough Mother at Poetry is Currency

“First Light” and “The Sun King Invents Stirruped Birth” in Diode

“Golden Hour” in Tupelo Quarterly

“Family Portrait with Forsythia and Hunting Rifle” in The Adroit Journal

“Your Best Post-Baby Body” in Foundry

“Feast Day” and “Naming the World” in Eco Theo

“Dark Matter” in Broadsided Press (you can read an interview with the artist and with me and download your own broadside)

“The Braided Stream,” “Landscape with Deer, Mites, and Aircraft,” and “Ordinary Pleasure” in Blackbird

“Postpartum” and “Fable” in Tinderbox Poetry Journal

The Long Devotion

The Long Devotion is a collection of poems, essays, and writing prompts that celebrates motherhood and creates a space, as poet Molly Spencer has written, to “tell an unlovely truth about family life and not have to take it back.”

Acadiana, winner of the Fall 2016 Black River Chapbook Competition and published by Black Lawrence Press

Double Jinx, selected by Alex Lemon as a winner of the National Poetry Series and published by Milkweed Editions