Poetry Book Contracts: What to Know Before You Sign

a guide to reading, understanding & negotiating your poetry book contract, with insights from editors at Graywolf, Copper Canyon, Pitt, & more

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Order Out of Chaos: Revising Your Poetry Manuscript

practical suggestions for revising a collection, with lessons from books by Tiana Clark, Cortney Lamar Charleston, Camille Dungy, and more

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“Giving Birth Radicalized Me”

an interview with Lyz Lenz about her new book Belabored: A Vindication of the Rights of Pregnant Women

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The Up Drafts

an ongoing series of essays and interviews that examine creativity, productivity, writing process, and getting unstuck


Kitchen Table MFA: An Alternative to the NYC/MFA Binary

a series of profiles of community writing organizations including Pittsburgh’s Madwomen in the Attic, Madison’s Arts + Literature Laboratory, Atlantic City’s World Above, and New Orleans’s Dogfish

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Motherhood Has Always Been Political—Now, Books About It Are, Too

A crop of new nonfiction works are examining how historical, social, and governmental forces shape motherhood

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We Need to Talk About Whiteness in Motherhood Memoirs

White women get to challenge the narrative of child-rearing, but not everyone has that power

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There’s no I in team—but there is a doula

My doula provided support to both me and my husband so we could labor together as a team.

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How I Wrote “Your Best Post-Baby Body”

My own postpartum body was an untrustworthy, leaky container, and I’ve become interested in the poem as a porous container.

a craft essay in The Adroit Journal’s “How I Wrote” series