“A Landscape Adequate to Loss”: 32 Poems asked me to respond to a poem from their Spring/Summer 2014 issue. I chose Christian Wiman’s “Keynote” and wrote about the pastoral, natural disaster, and the use of language and landscape to remediate loss.

“Catholicism Can Be Sexy”: After Going Down Swinging, an Australian literary magazine, republished my poem “Lent” (originally published in Memorious), I wrote a post for their blog about the writing of that poem, as well as the connection between Catholicism, the body, and poetry.

“14 Great Poets on Their Favorite Love Poems”: For a Valentine’s Day feature, Flavorwire asked 14 poets to discuss a favorite love poem. I chose Larry Levis’s “My Life in a Late Style of Fire.” (The piece was later picked up by The Atlantic Wire.)

“The Double Image”: Poet Virginia Konchan edited a collection of essays about genealogy, the self, and writing for the Michigan Quarterly Review blog. You’ll have to scroll down to read mine, which is about Anne Sexton, my grandmother, and how I (unconsciously) created a hybrid writing fairy grandmother from the two. On the way you can read great essays by Kathleen Rooney, Elisa Gabbert, Tyler Mills, Rebecca Hazelton, Kara Candito, and a poem by Mary Biddinger.